Infinite Rose Lady Jane

Infinite Rose Lady Jane delivered in Kuwait City from OnlyRoses
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Luxury Roses

The latest addition to our Infinite Luxury Collection is a re-imagining of the sophisticated Classic Rose Lady Jane.

In case you’re not already familiar with Lady Jane, this is a modern vase with a nod to Victorian times. Taking the shape of a gentleman’s handkerchief, the vase design – and its generous arrangement of romantic blooms – evokes courtship traditions and chivalrous gestures. And now we’ve given it the ultimate treatment with our Infinite Roses that will last throughout the year, without any water.

The dimensions for the Infinite Rose Lady Jane are 16" x 14" x 26" (L x W x H).

Luxury Gifting

Lady Jane has long been part of our Classic Luxury Collection and we are beyond thrilled to finally deliver The Infinite Rose Lady Jane. It’s opulence, elegance, and perfectly suited to your home, but where? The Infinite Rose Lady Jane truly shines as a statement, the ornate design of the vase is eye catching, yet never overbearing, and in the right colour to match your home it will be what all your guests are talking about. Lady Jane should always be placed where it can, and will, be seen. Perfect on a console table, adorning a room, or as a final touch to the entrance hall that’s so desperately needed revitalising. Think bold, think beautiful, think Infinite Rose Lady Jane.

Available in one size and all the colours of our stunning Infinite Roses®.