InfiniteRoses do not require water and maintain their beauty for up to a year, allowing them to be crafted into designs that go beyond that which is possible with fresh cut roses

So stunning are the InfiniteRoses by OnlyRoses that they cannot be told apart from their fresh counterparts.

They are available in natural shades, as well as many other unusual colours, including this vibrant

Royal Blue and other striking colours such as black, purple, dark green.

OnlyRoses only select the finest real roses, which have reached their optimum blossom for their InfiniteRoses.

The natural process then preserves the flower retaining the delicate texture and shape of each individual flower.

Their authenticity sets them apart.

The versatility of this ingenious new product allows OnlyRoses to create anything from small arrangements to large floral displays – convincingly enough for InfiniteRoses to be mistaken for their living, breathing counterparts.
They can be used in private environments but are equally ideal to use in any corporate environment.

Examples of bespoke productions and installations with InfiniteRoses (please call or email us to for more information)